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17 June 2015 @ 08:41 pm

Sorry, but this is a friends only journal.
You want to see whats going on?
Then I suggest you leave a comment and I'll possibly add you.
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17 May 2010 @ 06:54 pm
Now get this; My grandma had called when we were outside and left a message, which essentially said I want you to leave. Apparently the only fucking issue she has is that we've smoked in the house. WHAT THE FUCK. My mom called her back, my grandma only let her get a few words in and told her you've got 10 days to to move out of the house.

I called her shortly after that. I asked her why and the only reason she could give me is because people have smoked in the house--including her, which is the real kick in the balls. I also asked her why she didn't even say 'happy birthday' to me. Her exact response: "I was too damn pissed off..." Excuse me?

I obviously made a big mistake coming down here. I'm so glad I got to meet Ren, at least I got to do that. Everything else was a waste of time.

Fuck my shoulder. I've had it with this place. I'm going back home. I talked to Dan and he said he would do everything he could to help, he wants me to think about it before making the decision to move back to Minnesota 'cause he said he'd pay for a plane ticket or bus ticket. I don't have any money to throw in on it either and I don't want him to pay for all of it if he doesn't have to x.x I just don't know what to do now....I'm worse off now than I was in Minnesota...at least I had a job held for me while my fucking shoulder was supposed to be healing.

...I think I need to go to minnesota and be away from my parents...